Here begins the book of the nature of beasts:
Of lions and panthers and tigers,
Wolves and ravens, dogs and apes.
~Aberdeen Bestiary


EKO ZU is a musical trio of the nimble songstress Zu’ri, melody weaver Zu’CH3N, and frequency shaper Z. Discovered on Eko Isle, a little- known deserted island in the Mariana Archipelago, they are the only known example of Animal-Human hybrid evolution.

Zu’Ri trained her voice to sound the infinite notes of the island birds – her tone could heal a broken wing, with different frequencies tuning every Chakra in the animal body.

Zu’CH3N crafted a guitar from the hollowed trunk a Banyan tree, carved by the ridges of an Abalone shell. Her only remnant from a past life, the Abalone shell cut bamboo vines and shaved them into strings. Her hands wove harmonies through the strings that warmed and befriended the island beasts.

Z shaped the air around them, tuning the elastic air into bass frequencies that kept hungry predators at bay. Using echo-location he tuned into the island around them, staying in constant rhythm with the volcano, monitoring changes and signs of activity.

EKO ZU became known for exhibiting characteristic animal quirks, translating household pets for their human friends, in endless pursuit of world peace, equality and colorful balls of Yarn.

In bringing the sounds of the Eko Isle to our spirits, the Zu remind us to connect with the animal world, mother nature, the planet, the green spaces, the love places; to remember our inner ravens; to beat as one with the Heart of the Jungle.