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“Their organic instruments create their signature funky vibe heard in their tracks like ‘Let Me Fall’, and their use of soulful vocals make their ambient songs come to life.”
EDM Sauce (Link)

“‘Get Em’ takes you on a sonic journey through ethereal vocals, ambient, mystifying soundscapes, and analog bumps, that together craft a unique and enticing vibe.”
Run The Trap (Link)

“Music with unique characteristics is hard to come by in today’s world. Eko Zu however, has turned their view of electronic music into an entirely new perception.”
This Song Slaps (Link)

“The story of Eko Zu & Docka coming together is that of different species – one from outer space and one from Earth – coming together with a purpose to provide to the gift of music better the world for all.”
EDM Magazine (Link)

“For a song to be good, you always have to “feel” it. It needs to hit you on an emotional level that gives you goosebumps even when playing through laptop speakers. For a song to feel AMAZING, it needs to hit you physically as well, amplifying the emotional impact the music has that penetrates your body and pierces to your soul.”  -Eko Zu
The Sub Pac (official)

“Last Saturday night saw a busy dance floor bumping all night thanks to NVO at the Brick & Mortar Music Hall. It also was the release of a new EP from opener Eko Zu, as well as acknowledgement of the historic events surrounding their intimate dance party. Visuals supporting the ACLU were interwoven into the band’s projections along with a sign-up sheet at the merch table.”
The Bay Bridged

“Let Me Fall” on Hype Machine
Hype Machine

“This DJ/Live act trio is making moves as well. With support from SubPac and having announced an official remix of The Glitch Mob, they are moving quickly towards becoming a name you will be very familiar with.”
Tune Collective